we are sundaye

Home decor candles, handmade from soy wax.

Texture Paste Candle



What we do


At Sundaye we only use the best quality soy wax so that your candles look great every time.

Zero Waste

Any candle that doesn't turn out as perfect as we like them to be, we melt down to form a new candle.


We only use soy wax that hasn't been tested on animals. 

The moment I opened the box for these little fluffy dreams I was treated to the delightful vanilla scent! They are adorable in shape, I just can't wait to have them scattered all over my table for dinner parties.

Emma Battle

The Sundaye cloud candles are made to absolute perfection. The unique, dainty design creates a luxury, modern feel to my bedroom. The scent is gorgeous without even being lit, I'm far too in love to light them just yet. Well done Sundaye!

Summer Sturmey