Bleached Texture Candle

Bleached Texture Candle

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Our bleached texture candle is cream and lilac texture, each candle is unique and will have it’s own pattern. 

All of our bleached texture candles are unscented** 


All of our candles have been designed for decorative purposes. If you do decide to light them, please ensure your candle is placed on an even surface with a heatproof coaster to catch any wax droplets or spillage. Each candle is lightly scented, making them more suitable for home decor and ornamental purposes.



Each candle is hand-poured from soy wax, it is natural for soy wax to create frosting, if it does frost, wipe your candle down with a soft cloth. As every candle is handmade you may see a slight difference in finish and colour, but that is what makes every candle unique. Please note these are all normal for soy wax.


Soy wax is currently the most ethical choice of wax to use as no animals are harmed in the production. It burns cleaner and is better for your health.

 We are currently offering free U.K. shipping on purchases over £15.



If you choose to burn your decor candles, please ensure you place them on a heat-proof surface and away from any flammable objects. Never burn a candle for longer than 4 hours, always trim the wick down to 1/4 inch and never leave a burning candle unattended. C.L.P Info

**PLEASE NOTE - if you're buying unscented candles, they are made within the same workspace as the scented candles, please still be aware of allergies.